Sunday, August 14, 2005

The Grudge.

Ok, so I have had an issue with this film for quite a while now.

And weeks and weeks of this issue was basically me refusing to watch it. I admit, I was too scared. I hid in the bedroom whenever somebody put it on.

Today, finally, I decided to bite the bullet and face my fears.

What a load of bollocks this movie was. It was as predictable as my nana's daily trip to the shops to buy custard squares and milk for her tea.

The 'scary' creatures in this film were asian zombie/ghosts wearing foundation designed for albinos and about as much eyeliner as your local 15 year old girl who's been experimenting with goth culture.

You know generic horror is at it's best when Sarah Michelle Gellar is the hero, and when faced with impending doom, always comes out on top, hair and make-up like she just walked out of well.. make-up.

This coming from the person who damn near had to change pants after watching Harry Potter.


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