Saturday, August 06, 2005

I was never one for patriotism..

Yet, this takes the proverbial fucking cake.

For years I have cringed at the 'music' that this country has spewed forth onto my television. By 'music' I mean anything on C4 Select.

This afternoon I was watching C4 Select and a song called 'Freak In The Club' came on. It was pathetic.

With that, I give you this:

"JCK is a breath of fresh air in a genre stooped in tradition. They fly in the face of the typical Hip Hop image while remaining true to the groove. This is sexy music, with a touch of danger, catchy choruses and clever lyrics, paired with hyped, danceable Hip Hop beats".

My translation:

"JCK is a poorly replicated version of a mediocre Hip Hop band from Harlem. They fail miserably in the face of the typical Hip Hop image while simultaneously writing (unlikely) incredulously trashy lyrics that lack anything imaginably original, intelligent, catchy or poignant. In fact I can't think of any words more than two syllables that could describe it. This is not something to listen to if you're fond of your precious braincells. Ugly broads with oversized sunglasses and little boys as white as my ass only add to the hilarious joke that is JCK."

I am offended New Zealand. Horridly offended.

Here is a picture of Scribe. New Zealands embarrassing answer to Tupac. I couldn't find a picture of JCK because they haven't infected themselves fully into New Zealand culture yet. Why this man had the indecency to call himself a scribe is beyond me. A scribe is a writer, a journalist or a person who inscribes. Meh.


Blogger JCK said...

Wow! I know your not going to give a shit, but reading that realy hurt. I'm just a musician. I recorded and wrote that song in my bedroom. I wrote all the music and almost every single sound u heard I wrote and played. And It got on T.V for a whole year. So maybe it dosn't stand up, at least I got out there and gave it a shot. I'm on a journey just like you,learning, trying to make it the best I can. That realy hurt =(

11:43 AM  

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