Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Society for the Prevention of Unecessary Abbreviation.

Is the name of my new club. SPUA has one member so far. But when it takes off, there will be many members.

Many many members who will worship me. Parents and teachers will love me. Schools will invite me to speak to the children about my organisation. Kids will throw paper at me because they don't care.

But we will grow, and we will light up the school nurses office with our SPUA pamphlets.

The society will provide teachers, students and parents a new hope for our 'dumb youth' society.

Unecessary abbreviation can include (But not limited to): Text speak, l33t speak and lol.

Abbreviations that aren't unnecessary are: Shorthand, and words that are too fricken long.

My brilliance is overwhelming sometimes..

In my society:

President: Me (Cyn)
I've coaxed my boyfriend eVil to design a logo for me.

Now I must recruit!


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