Monday, December 12, 2005


Ok, so golf is possibly one of the greatest topics that are whinge-worthy for me (and if that line doesn't make sense, it's because I just crawled out of bed)

1) Golf is boring. It involves hitting a little ball, walking, hitting the little ball again, walking another three kilometres, hitting the ball again, walking more, hitting the ball, getting pissed off, hitting the caddy with the golf stick hitter thing, walking more, hitting the ball into the hole, then passing out from the scorching heat and walking the equivalent of a marathon after a godforsaken little while ball.

2) If you're good enough at hitting that little white ball, you can make 50 million dollars. Hell, I'm good a chewing my fingernails and spitting them at the cat, but I don't get a reward for being awesome at something so trivial.

3) Watching golf is about as exciting as giving out the doilies and meatpack raffle at nana's indoor bowls game down at the Presbyterian church, where all the women call you Sally and the men gawk at your jubblies.

4) 50 million dollars! Do you know what 50 million dollars could do for the local community in whichever town you care to associate this golf whinge about. A lot, you're right.

I've just realised that there is one positive thing about golf.

Happy Gilmore.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

happy gilmore is good. whe nadam sandler used to be in his pre-annoying days

3:09 AM  

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