Saturday, October 22, 2005

To be Continued.. Extraordinary Machine Saga

Until three days ago. When through a reliable source, that I have never spoken to but I know has the same love and admiration for Fiona that I do, posted a link to a site that had ringtone downloads.

To be continued...

Ok ok, so I forgot that I was going to continue this. A lot of things have happened since then. I might even post about that later.

Ok, so someone posted a link to a site that had ringtone downloads.

Now I'm not one for paying for ringtones.. because well, why would I pay for a ringtone for my phone when no fucker rings me?

Now this ringtone download site happened to have a small clip of Fiona Apple's brand new song 'Parting Gift'. The clip was just enough to induce slight salivation, but not enough to satisfy me entirely. So I waited.

Then the floodgates opened. There was a release date, a new song, a new producer for nine of the leaked tracks. This made me very happy. Very very happy indeed.

On October the 4th of 2005, the wait would be over (For US residents). Not me however, I have to wait until the 24th of October. It's the 22nd of October today. I intend to be the first person in Christchurch banging on the door of music stores at 6am on Monday.

It matters not that I already have a copy of the released version.

Now inevitably, there will be comparisons between the new producer (Mike Elizondo) and the original producer (Jon Brion, who's two tracks that bookend the album (Extraordinary Machine and Waltz (Better Than Fine)) (I think I'm getting carried away with the brackets) However, I intend to try very hard not to compare the two versions, and give them both the credit where it's due and deserved.

So there, I continued it. I had intended to give a detailed account of everything that went on, but I've sort of forgotten.



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Update your own blog!!

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Blogger Cyn said...

Wait.. who is this?

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