Friday, December 30, 2005

Argh! Government Departments!

Ok, so it's inevitable that eventually, every self-respecting blogger will post about a government department and the wrongs they have done.

This particular complaint is about Work and Income New Zealand.

I normally have very little problems with them. They've given me money when I've quit my job, they've helped me to find work, and their offices have nice plants in them.

But this time. I moved cities, and coincidentally, I had just finished studying. So my student allowance was cut off, and because it was the middle of Christmas, I couldn't very well find a job, in amongst eating ham, drinking champagne and unwrapping my whole one present.

So WINZ won't give me an appointment till the 5th of January. Hmm, I've already had two weeks without money. Now I have to wait another two weeks. I am sharing a room with my mother, I'm a smoker and I have NEEDS damnit!



Anonymous lost person in the uk said...

u might not have any money but at least u know where u are im lost in the United Kingdom at the moment sitting at a train station cyber cafe its 1.15am. ive run out of smokes and im reading some random strangers blog

but its all good brought a smirk to my face i feel ur need as a smoker.

now i know u might not like this since theres not alot of things u do like, but i'll chance it anyway merry christmas and i hope u have happy new year :)

2:21 PM  
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