Thursday, March 24, 2011

Oh hello..

What is this bizarre insight into the life of a 22 year old I have found? It's me! My old blog. From when I was 22. Such a long time ago. Fast forward 4.5 years, two children and one really annoying cat later and here I am.

I rarely have any time to actually sit down and do anything productive, and the time I do get to myself I would really rather be playing the crappiest Facebook games I can possibly find.

I will now go ahead and bulletpoint the highlights from the last 4.5 years of my life.

1: One week before I turned 23, Sam entered this world. If he could speak at birth he would have been saying "HERE I AM, ARE YOU READY FOR THIS, BECAUSE I'M GOING TO JUST SMASH EVERYTHING YOU KNEW ABOUT LIFE AND SLEEPING AND HAVING TIME TO YOURSELF". He had the roundest head. His eyes were deep, dark blue saucers. He would stare at me. One second while I find a photo of him on the day he was born.. He really is a joy. An annoying, brilliant joy. I mean that in the nicest possible way because I truly love him to the moon and back. He has an innate ability to irritate me more than I thought humanly possible. He's quirky, odd, funny, really smart, sensitive, temperamental, dramatic, and if I don't say so myself, he's really good looking. One second while I find a photo of him as he is now! Sometimes when I write, I stop right in the middle of it and go and do something else. That time is now. I'll come back to this.