Friday, May 26, 2006

Something to read, that you can't unread, that will SO not be worth it.

I've decided to take this blog down a notch and write about any old inane thought that comes to mind. I might even just write about what I do each day.

Almost like a journal.

I am working at Bin Inn. I fill the spice bins. With spices. Then I sneeze Sometimes I fill small containers with spices. Also, sometimes herbs. Then I sneeze again. I then put a label on the container. Then a price sticker. Then I sneeze a few more times. I sneeze more when I fill the pepper. Or the paprika. Sometimes I get covered in cinnamon, because cinnamon is very dusty. Tumeric is worse though.. Because it's bright yellow. Sometimes they let me put chocolate fish into bags. This is hard. Because the bags are small and you have to be careful not to squash the tail or the chocolate cracks and you can see the pink marshmallow underneath.

I am getting infinitely better at serving customers though. Although, last week I tried to charge a woman $22,000 for 500grams of breadcrumbs. Breadcrumbs are extremely light. So she would need a shitload of breadcrumbs to have $22,000 worth.

I like my job though. It's fun and I made a friend. His name is Ken I think he is about 100. Everyday I ask him how he is and he says "Still breathing", and so I say "That's a start Ken". One of his eyes is dead. It oozes. Sometimes it makes me sick, but I try not to look at it, because he really is a nice man. He told me that he is going away somewhere to be looked after. He said he would miss me, and that he would be back. But then again, he also tells me everyday that he is going to die. So we'll see if Ol' Ken lasts a bit longer, because even though all he buys is rubber gloves and boiled lollies, he's my favourite customer.

There is a little newspaper in Thames called Thames Talk. I was thinking about writing in to them and pretending to be someone else, or maybe someone nameless. Like a phantom. Next week they are doing a front-page write-up about the brewing section we have at Bin Inn. I suggested to my boss that they take a photo of me lying down in the brewing aisle looking like I've passed out from being pissed.. From the brewing stuff. I don't think he heard me. Or maybe he just ignored me because he thought my idea was rubbish.

It's my birthday in two days. I'll be 22.

I stupidly, but accidentally deleted about 600 songs from my mp3 library a few weeks ago. Man I was pissed off. But then I remembered that most of the songs I deleted were crap, and the ones that weren't so crap, I'd put on CD a few months ago. I'm having an 80's phase at the moment. The Smiths, of course being at the top of that list. I managed to 'acquire' some bootlegs from a live Smiths concert from 86, so I am pleased about that, despite that fact that it took me about four days to download the tracks, because we have dial-up. Speaking of internet connections, our broadband is taking ages to get connected. I think we might switch to Xtra. I've also been downloading some Depeche Mode. I quite like them. My David Bowie phase is still going strong too. I bought his Reality Tour DVD a few weeks ago, and I'm hoping to get every CD he's ever made. Although it's quite hard because Thames only has The Warehouse to get music from, and well, The Warehouse sucks. They don't have any Smiths CDs or DVDs. No Morrissey, and only ONE Placebo CD.

See. Mindless drivel.