Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Easter Camping.

What's something that sucks damn near all the blood in your body in under an hour? Count Dracula? No. 500 mosquitos that see your pasty white legs as a beacon for a buffet.

Although I'm not entirely sure how they managed to steer the right way into my legs through 12 blankets, mens socks (which are almost as thick as concrete pylons), a pair of unflattering, horizontally striped rainbow pattern leggings, a pair of cords, a jersey, a pyjama top and a cardigan.

Actually, I do know how the little fuckers got to me. I admit it. In my exaggerated attempt to cover every inch of my body to keep out the cold, I got WAY too warm and had to kick most of it off in the middle of the night.

So here I am, looking as if I have the measles down one leg. Oh and the itching. The itching is magnificently irritating. I think if there was a meat grinder lying around here I would be blissfully itch free, and bleeding profusely.

Besides being eaten alive and left scratching like a flea-bitten mongrel, the camping trip was successful. In between the ceaseless traffic that slowed to two cars going past every 10 or so minutes, I could hear the waves lapping at the edge of the lake (I should have anyway, since the tent was all of about three metres from the water). The toilet block had HOT WATER, despite my initially innocent query as to whether there was water there at all.

I think once I master how not to walk into the tent poles and figure out which one of the 10,000 zips on the tent actually lets me into the tent, I will be fine.


Monday, April 03, 2006


It has occurred to me recently that I haven't written anything in a long while. Unless of course you count the blog about shapes I wrote at 3am on scrap paper and shoved under my bed. I fully intended to copy it into here, but alas, it's in Hamilton under my bed. I am now in Thames.

I actually think that I can't write 'good' anymore. The concept is foreign now, and my little brain just doesn't want to tick nicely into good word sentence things.

See? :(